Taizhou Chuanglian Printing And Dyeing Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturing enterprise of printing and dyeing equipments, such, as singeing machine, drying machine, washing equipment and rolling parts.
Currently, our products can meet all market requirements based on continuous upgrading for years.
Main products: various singeing machines, drying machines, whole set washing machines, laundry driers, graining...
Taizhou Chuanglian Printing And Dyeing Machinery
Add: Jianshe Road, Taizhou Development Zone, Jiangsu
Tel:+86-523-86813619 86817188
Fax: +86- 523-86814446
E-mail: sales@tzclyj.com.cn
URL: http://www.fjhtd.cn
Singeing frame s...
Washing machine ...
Dryer series
Dyeing and finis...
Non-woven fabric singeing... Non-woven fabric singeing... LCL01 type singeing frame Cylinder drying machine Knitted fabric singeing frame 15-300KG industrial washing... ASPS double-jet fire access TM2, TM type gasoline vaporizer
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